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PAR Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Color Dispensing and Mixing machines. PAR has been serving renowned paint companies in India and abroad for two decades. We take pride in being the only Indian company with its own innovative technology and research facility to provide top-of-the line tinting solutions to its customers.

Our Values

We stand by the following integral values:

· Trust

· Integrity

· Respect for individuals

· Team Work

· Ethical conduct

· Meritocracy

· Quality and Concern for Stake Holders.

Environment Focus

Par believes in maintaining ecological balance and sustainability. Our product designs ensure reduced waste generation to a bare minimum and thereby ensuring the predictability of quality and quantity output without the necessity of extra correction.

Our energy efficient dispensing and mixing equipment designs offer total Eco-friendly solutions


ISO Certified

International Sales

& Support

Advanced Software

Upgraded & Improvised Products




High level of accuracy and repeatability

Heavy duty robust metal body

Sequential dispensing - piston pump technology

No Pipes – No Dripping of Colorants

Single Control Board - Wi-Fi enabled PCB

Powerful backend - Online Database Updation

Cloud Computing – Get New Shades Online!

Remote History Backup - View History files of any dealer anywhere!

Wi-Fi Enabled dispensing - Mobile & Tablet based operation

Spectrum Database - Compatible with Windows OS and Android


Planet A - Automatic Gyro Mixer Front View.jpg

Automatic clamping and de-clamping of cans

Containers are clamped centrally, no adapter required

Sliding out type Bottom Table for easy loading/ unloading of cans

Built in loading shelf

Dual speed bi-axial, gyroscopic rotating action for complete mixing

Provision for manually releasing container in case of power failure during mixing

User-friendly operator console & LCD to display messages & Error Diagnostics

Transparent Swing Door fitted

Telescopic Bottom Table for easy loading


Planet VB - Automatic Vibro Shaker.jpg

Automatic clamping and de-clamping of cans

Bi-axial, high speed vibrating movement

Multiple containers can be loaded at a time

Accommodates metal/plastic cans of any shapes

High mixing efficiency

Panel with LCD to display messages

Transparent swing door


Our Clients

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